The IVMF Digital Library would not have been possible without the hardwork of our student team since January 2020. Throughout the course of the past few years, the student team has built a metadata application profile, cataloged IVMF and external resources, and conducted testing in user experience, collection development, cultural competency, and other Library and Information Science (LIS) standards. Since the LIS degree is approximately 2 years, our students typically work with us between 1-2 years. Below you can read a little about what these students' experiences were like. 

Ash Ashmawy

Mohamed "Ash" Ashmawy was the Database Expert and Information Analyst Graduate Assistant and Consultant from June 2020 - June 2022 for the IVMF Digital Library.


"I was delighted to be part of the team who worked on this one-of-a-kind digital library project in the States. Essentially, I was responsible for the Oracle design and maintenance. It was a fruitful experience to apply to what I learned during my M.S.L.I.S. at the iSchool in a real-world library project."


Ash currently works as a Library Service Engineer at EBSCO Information Services where e learnes something new everyday and enjoys travelling the world.

Heather Charlotte Owen was the Metadata and Accessibility Graduate Student from January 2021 - May 2022 for the IVMF Digital Library.


"As the Metadata and Accessibility Graduate Assistant I focused on creating metadata entries and remediating documents. Besides this, I presented with the IVMF Student Team at the DCMI Student Forum in 2021 and the iConference Student Symposium in 2022.


I really enjoyed being involved with the creation of the Digital Resource Library. Seeing how everything was being built was a wonderful experience, especially since the student employees were encouraged to give their insight and opinions. I was very excited to see the Digital Resource Library go live!"


Heather Charlotte Owen is currently a Data Librarian at the University of Rochester.

Heather Charlotte Owen


Brie Baumert

Brie Baumert was the Student Team Lead from May 2021 - May 2022 for the IVMF Digital Library.


"During my time at the IVMF, I worked as a Collection Development Intern and later as the Student Team Lead and Undergraduate Manager. I co-created a Collection Development Report including  formalized collection development and weeding policies. As the Student Team Lead, I worked closely with the student team to ensure organizational, time management, and task-based needs.


I loved being a part of the creation of a brand new digital library! This was definitely not something I expected to learn during my time at SU but I’m so glad I got insight into this process and all the work that goes into it. I also enjoyed creating the LibGuide for the Digital Library as I am a LibGuide nerd, and I also found the tracking of statistics to be so interesting, especially noting the increase in downloads!"


Brie Baumert is currently a Reference and Instruction Librarian for Language and Area Studies at the library at Carleton College.

Nora Ramsey interned at the IVMF Digital Library from December 2020 - April 2021.


"During my time with the IVMF I assisted with creating the metadata for the resource library spent significant time working with accessibility in the context of digital libraries, and content analysis techniques used for assessing research briefs. I also spent time assisting with the development of a cultural competency report for the administration, as well as assessing and fixing citations within the institute’s publications.


The coolest project I worked on was assessing the research briefs. While it was time consuming, I learned a lot more about military and veteran communities."


Nora Ramsey is currently a post-graduate student studying Musicology at Newcastle University. She is employed as an archival assistant at the Newcastle University Special Collections and also serves on the Board of Directors of an Alabama non-profit, Rocket City Civil Rights (RCCR). Nora’s post-graduate dissertation exists at the intersection of Library Science and Musicology, where she introduces epistemic injustice and epistemicide to the musicological field through a study of American blues historiography. Nora is currently researching acoustemology through the lens of epistemic injustice.

 Nora Ramsey
Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan interned at the IVMF Digital Library from August - December 2020.


“While at the IVMF, I worked on creating new metadata and revising existing metadata for integration into the IVMF Digital Library. I also developed a collection of external resources for inclusion in the Digital Library and worked with other IVMF student workers to create the IVMF Research Guide.”

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