The Digital Library is populated by the IVMF Research & Analytics Team. This page contains information about the immediate library support team. A full roster of Research & Analytics Experts can be found here. 


The Digital Library is a joint project between Syracuse University Libraries Digital Library and the IVMF Research & Analytics Team. This unique cross-campus collaboration between the Libraries, the IVMF, and the iSchool has seen over 15 graduate and undergraduate students engaged in conversations with IVMF researchers and stakeholders on topics such as metadata application, collection development, accessibility, cultural competence, and user experience.


Today, the Library Support Team consists of one embedded librarian from the Digital Library and a team of two students. Their bios can be found below.

A group of IVMF Research & Analytics team members who assist with the Digital Library.

Grace Swinnerton


Grace Swinnerton joined the IVMF as a graduate student working on the Resource Library project in May 2020. Upon graduation in May 2021, she joined full-time as a Visiting Librarian for the IVMF Research and Analytics Department as well as a Digital Library Program Visiting Librarian at Syracuse University Libraries. In this position she continues to steward the creation of the IVMF Digital Resource Library, manage and determine future operations, and manage the LIS students working on this project.


Swinnerton graduated from Emory University in 2017 with her bachelors’ degree in Theatre Studies and History (with a focus on Law, Economics, and Human Rights). She briefly worked in the museum field as a historic interpreter before discovering an interest in digital libraries. In 2021, she graduated from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) with her MSLIS in Library and Information Science. Her research interests include the relationship between critical information literacy and metadata, information justice, controlled vocabularies, and user experience. T 315.443.2699


Kamryn Lenning is a sophomore undergraduate History major at Syracuse University. She has been working at the IVMF since June 2021 as Undergraduate Assistant on the Resource Library project. Her interests include learning about library and information science. Kamryn Lenning

The build and maintenance of the IVMF Digital Library would not be possible without the tireless work of the students engaged on this project. Yet, being a "student employee" has a lifecycle and thus, as our students move on to bigger and better things, we want to acknowledge the time and effort they contributed to this Digital Library. You can explore the experiences of our previous student workers by clicking on the button below.

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